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Nov 1, 2013 5:00am PDT
. four years before last month's deadly tragedy on the bart tracks. >>> the fbi is apparently reversing course in an oversaved shooting that killed a 13-year-old boy in santa rosa. law enforcement told the press democrat that the bureau will support local investigators rather than launch an independent review. last week sheriffs deputy eric shot and killed # 13-year-old andy lopez who was holding a toy gun that resembled an assault rifle. lopez's family will file a lawsuit in san francisco federal court today against sonoma county. they will also hold a news conference about their case on monday. >>> sonoma county supervisor due in court this morning to face charges stemming from an incident in july when he was found outside of a woman's home at 3:30 in the morning in his underwear. he has apologized for his behavior and said he is in treatment for alcoholism. there have been calls for carr april low to resign but he says he has no plans to step down. >>> at least one worker went to the valley springs medical facility after most of the staff had left. but the worker did nothing to end t
Oct 31, 2013 5:00am PDT
and local investigations into this incident. >>> also today investigators from the fbi and the state attorney general's office will hold a meeting with law enforcement officers in the east bay and launch an official investigation into the shocking incident in an assisted living facility in castro valley. 14 sick, elderly and bed ridden patients left alone there after regulate, shut down the senior care facility last week. now you are looking at a picture of one there living there, edmond bascome, missing for several days. >> mr. basscom has been a miss in person many times in the past so we don't consider him at risk but the fact he went missing during this time period is a little bit concerning to us. >> now bascom was apparently last seen at the san leandro bart station friday afternoon. investigators say edmond bascome is 5'10," weighs 180 pounds, again there is a photo on our screen. he is said to be in fairly good health but does have a habit of walking away from facilities. he was last seen wearing an oakland raiders shirt and fishing hat with blue pants and black boots. >> 5:3
Nov 4, 2013 5:00am PST
and -- egypt's 's legitimate leader. >>> tom lee says he told the fbi that ben laden was hiding in pakistan back in 2003. that it like lie ben laden didn't build his compound. >>> new york university student was trapped for two days he was wedged if a space only two feet wide. he disappeared saturday morning after someone pulled the fire alarm. when friends couldn't find him they started searching door to door and they asked nyu security guards to check the rooftop. when they looked over the edge they saw him wedged between the two walls. >> they would have not have found him for who knows how long and he probably would be dead right now. >> the firefighters broke through am cinder block road to rescue him. he is listed in good condition. he was taken to the hospital for treatment. the investigation into how he became wedged between the walls continues. >>> new information about the profootball investigation of alleged bullying on miami dolphins against the former stanford football star. lineman jonathan martin left the dolphins and still has not come back. he was upset because several of h
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3